Women Are Marching – Again

Please march with me to the polls

By Betty Kuffel

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms but millions of us have had to fight for these rights. In 1848, 300 women and a few good men held the first women’s rights convention. It took more than 70 years of activism and marching before passage of the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote in time for the 1920 presidential election. That wasn’t the end. We have been marching ever since and 2020 is no different.

Women suffer discrimination in all avenues of life due to pay inequity and patriarchal dominance. All minorities have been harmed by this administration. Many have suffered terribly at the border due to inhumane separation of families and failure of the Trump administration to follow U.S. immigration law.

Montana has not had a woman in Congress since Jeanette Rankin during WWII. So here we are 80 years later, and women are still marching for inalienable rights. We continue to face workplace discrimination and imposition of religious opinions on rights to make personal reproductive choices.

The separation of legislative, executive and judiciary powers at the federal level have been so damaged by President Trump, the only protection against Republican majority tyranny and loss of our democracy is to elect Biden president.

Also, electing Kathleen Williams to Congress on Nov. 3 will be a milestone in history for Montana. She is skilled, experienced and will defend our personal and public rights.

Please march with me to the polls. Exercise your hard-earned voting rights and show the world democracy works.

Betty Kuffel

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