Health Board Should Reconsider its Decision

We truly are all in this together

By Beverly J. Larson

As the COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in our county and as we are the hottest spot for new cases in our entire state, I am alarmed at the number of our fellow citizens who have already passed away. I respectfully ask the Flathead County Health Board to reconsider their recent decision to not restrict the number of people to meet in places together and to not require that masks be worn. This is not just a matter of personal freedom, but is an act of respect for others. Jesus states: “Loving your neighbor as yourself.” This includes our professional Health Board, doctors, nurses, all hospital staff, teachers, and our small local business that are working so very hard to keep us all safe. I, too, want businesses and schools to stay open, but this can only happen if we insist on wearing masks, social distancing and only allowing smaller gatherings. I have a grandson who teaches at Glacier High and a granddaughter who is a nurse.

One of our larger venues has responsibly sacrificed some of their larger events in the interest of public safety. I applaud them for that and only ask that you would follow the path they have taken and please, please reconsider your latest decision or at the very least let it remain on the agenda for discussion.

We truly are all in this together. Again, I thank the team at the Flathead County Health Department for their tireless work on our behalf and ask that you, the board, also thank them.

Beverly J. Larson

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