Stop Living in Fear

Restore my seemingly misplaced faith in Montanans

By Shannon Conrad

I am writing in regards to the so-called pandemic. I moved to Montana after almost two decades of pining for a simpler, more rugged, and faithful existence. Unfortunately, the Montana I longed for seems to have been an illusion of the past.

I thought that Montanans (when faced with a little adversity) would not cower in fear behind masks, afraid to even go near one another, or that they would so quickly and fearfully give away their civil rights. Where is your faith, Montana? In self-appointed health overlords trying to profit off of your fear? Or is it in the God you claim to trust?

The irrational fear of a “virus” with a fatality rate of less than 1% in all age ranges is actually what is destroying people’s lives, small businesses, and their overall health. The censorship and misinformation is out of control. You can educate yourself by reading, “The Great Barrington Declaration” at gbdeclaration.org. The declaration was written by distinguished scientists and doctors from around the world (whose primary concern is to heal and protect their patients). These doctors have united with actual facts to end this plague of misinformation currently destroying our society.

Jack Kemp said, “The power of one man or one woman doing the right thing for the right reason, and at the right time, is the greatest influence in our society.” Stop complying. Stop living in fear. Stop allowing the fearful and power hungry to lead us. Your individual actions have an impact, purpose, and meaning. Do not be discouraged. Let’s be bold and courageous, together, by doing the one right thing we can do right now. Restore my seemingly misplaced faith in Montanans.

Shannon Conrad

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