Nurses Deserve a Fair Contract

Now is the time to invest in frontline nurses

By Lucinda Wallace

I’ve been working at Kalispell Regional Medical Center for 10 years. Throughout the 10 years at Kalispell Regional Healthcare, I’ve witnessed many changes. Changes that haven’t always been for the best and changes that haven’t treated everyone equally. Unilateral changes were made without much nursing input and in the past few years, KRH has been implementing a philosophy that seems to put profits over patients.

That’s why the nurses formed a union at KRH, to continue to provide the best quality care to the valley and raise wages. As a member of the nurse bargaining team, a representational group of nurses, I can attest to the all the hard work put into crafting a first contract and moving it across the table. We hope to settle a fair contract soon.

We want to settle soon as the crisis of the pandemic looms over the valley. We’re asking for fair and safe staffing that will allow us to deliver adequate and exceptional care, considering we are working under covid-19 conditions with cases rising every day. Staff are experiencing burnout and feeling unheard.

We need adequate staffing to provide quality care and fair wages to keep nurses in the flathead. We also need union security and a voice in COVID safety. Let’s settle soon and quite the red tape. We’re asking for a true partnership in care and for a path forward in safety. We’re hoping we can work together to settle a fair contract in the coming months.

With the backing of our communities’ collective voice, we can win a strong contract that keeps nurses in the valley and protects the patient we care for every day. Now is the time to invest in frontline nurses and settle a fair contract. Follow us on our nurse union website:

Lucinda Wallace, RN

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