Respect America’s Decision

Please respect the Americans who participated in last month’s election

By Kendall Flint

Dear Sen. Steve Daines,

I write to congratulate you on your reelection. Although I supported you opponent, it’s important that we honor the will of Montanans. You’ve won and deserve our recognition. Congratulations!

You now have the opportunity to reciprocate. Please respect the Americans who participated in last month’s election, and those who’ve fought (and died) to preserve our democratic processes, by recognizing the election of Joe Biden as our next president.

To do any less is to be dishonest. Withholding your recognition obstructs our democracy, calls into question your fitness to lead, and threatens the legitimacy of your own election. If we are mature enough to accept Montana’s will in reelecting you, you can and should display your own maturity and integrity by publicly acknowledging America’s election of Joe Biden.

We have elected you to leadership, Sen. Daines. Montana and America need leaders who bring us together. I ask that you do so now. Encourage our unity by calling for it! Call for us to support our next administration, and then do it yourself. I know you can … because we have.

Kendall Flint, MD
East Glacier Park

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