Apologize for Your Complicity

Acknowledge your role in the insurrection at the capitol last week

By Andrea Morgan

Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Matt Rosendale need to be held accountable for their blatant and un-democratic support for the insurrection at our nation’s capital this week. Please speak out. Please contact them via phone, email, or letter.

Steve Daines, shame on you. Own up to the lies you have encouraged and the consequences you have helped to foment. The election was not rigged, the process was valid, the people voted and now it is time for you to get to work. Apologize to Montanans, and to Americans for your complicity and blind support for Trump. Your pleas for money to help Trump fight the election are disgusting. Your back-pedaling at the final hour to cancel your objection to Arizona’s election results doesn’t go unnoticed. Acknowledge your role in the insurrection at the capitol this week.

Matt Rosendale, shame on you. As a representative of Montana, you need to begin your term in the House by listening to Montanans; all Montanans, not just to those who donate money to Trump or follow Breitbart “news.” Apologize to Montanans and Americans for your actions in encouraging the lies and rhetoric spun by Trump. Now roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Montana, we are better than this. We need to recognize the things that bring us together. We need to speak up and speak out.

Words do matter.

Andrea Morgan

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