You’ve Been Duped

Donald Trump’s lies are delivered with a skill he’s honed with precision over a lifetime

By Carol Blake

Recently, millions of you felt your guts twist. You’d been duped. Catching on to being lied to can rock your world.

And, it’s embarrassing. More than once in my life I’ve felt like a fool after being hoodwinked by a convincing liar.

President Donald Trump’s latest stunt to incite an insurrection has a lot of you faithful believers realizing he duped you. You admired his take charge chutzpah for a time, but instructing you to support the plunder of the halls of Congress on January 6 was a bridge too far. The fact is, his victory claim to the election was a lie. But hey, haven’t we all fallen prey to convincing liars before? How does that happen?

For the most part, people are trusting. Giving someone the benefit of a doubt, I suspect, is in our genes. When confronted with a betrayal, it’s hard to accept your trust in them has been abused.

Any of you who fell under Donald Trump’s spell can take some solace that this was no ordinary duping you’ve suffered.

Our county elected as our President of the United States, The Crown Prince of Whoppers, The King Poo-Bah of Deceit, A Professional Flim-Flam Man, The Wizard of Alternative Facts, A Master Slinger of B.S., and, well, you get the idea.

Donald Trump’s lies are delivered with a skill he’s honed with precision over a lifetime. By all accounts in the last four years alone, he’s made over 20,000 false statements. Most egregiously he claimed he hadn’t lost the election. It was rigged he repeated over and over. His “Art of the Lie” makes Pinocchio look like a rank amateur.

So don’t feel bad that it took this long to figure him out. Better late than never. Actually, you’ve got bragging rights. Someday, after he’s gone down in infamy, your grandchildren might ask you about him and who his followers were, and you can say, “Kids, I, was one of them. Then, when I finally caught on that I was being used, it was a terrible feeling, but I had to cut myself some slack. I, along with many, got duped by the most outrageous liar who ever lived.

Carol Blake

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