Trump Supporters – What Now?

What we need to do is keep “Make America Great Again”

By Bill Bryant

OK, nearly half of American voters voted for Donald Trump, but somehow Joe Biden won. So what do we do? Trump left a legacy that’s rarely discussed. He called the corruption in our government “The Swamp.” Who do you think has been fighting him, and conjuring up the hate for him? The establishment politicians went to extreme lengths –including lying – to get Trump out. The swamp is still there, and they won, but now they want to prevent Trump from ever running again, hence the “25th Amendment” or “impeachment.” They’re even attacking everybody who challenged the fairness of the election, which has been done throughout our history by both sides. Trump’s speech was bad, but not inciteful. The whole scenario smells, when the FBI warned the Capitol police a group was planning to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6. How convenient for the Dems – now, they have a reason to impeach Trump a second time. What will the Dems, news media, corporations and social media do if they find Trump had nothing to do with it? Look at all the videos of Trump marchers – no helmets, shields, backpacks – only at the steps of the Capitol. We need to find who paid them.

What we need to do is keep “Make America Great Again” by taking Trump’s legacy, getting letters, emails, texts and phone calls to all our representatives, and keep our voices heard. That’s the power we have, but only if we use it. Continue with violence, we all lose.

Bill Bryant

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