Ducks Unintended Victims at Woodland Park

These ducks need their water supply turned back on

By Bert White

In October 2020, the Kalispell City Council passed Ordinance #1848. This ordinance made feeding waterfowl in Woodland Park a civil offense. This all transpired due to domestic geese being dropped off at the park and multiplying in large numbers. Thus, they became a nuisance that needed to be corrected.

With help from volunteers these geese were removed and relocated. The removal of the geese was an immediate and effective solution to the problem! Due to a typical knee-jerk over reaction of the powers that be, the ducks at the park were also targeted as a nuisance. This was all determined to be the fault of the citizens who fed them. This was confirmed by, so-called, wildlife experts.

The reality is, ducks that have lived year-round, in any city park for decades, are not truly wild! The Kalispell Parks Department has maintained a fresh water supply and small pond at the east end of Woodland Park that these ducks have depended on for survival in winter, for years and years. Now, their water supply has been shut off! These bewildered ducks are now trying desperately to survive, by maintaining their own puddle on the west end of the park by the hockey rink. In my opinion, it is nothing short of American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals treatment! I invite you to go see these unfortunate creatures before they die!

If you care, please call the Kalispell City Council and Kalispell Parks and Recreation Department. These ducks need their water supply turned back on!

Bert White

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