Getting ‘Stuff’ Done in the U.S. Senate

Both Democrats and Republicans honored the filibuster

By Carolanne Wright

Montana Sen. Jon Tester recently made a cringe-worthy remark about abolishing the filibuster:

“Chuck Schumer is the majority leader and he should be treated like majority leader. We can get [expletive] done around here and we ought to be focused on getting stuff done,” Tester told Politico. “If we don’t, the inmates are going to be running this ship.”

The last time we had an evenly split Senate 20 years ago, both Democrats and Republicans honored the filibuster. It is an important aspect of minority rights on legislation.

“The very reason why we have the filibuster rule is so when one party, when one interest controls all the levers of government, one man or woman can stand on the floor of the Senate and resist, if need be, the passions of the moment,” said former Sen. Joe Biden.

Let’s hope President Biden’s wisdom of the past will prevail.

Carolanne Wright

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