Not My New Normal

I for one refused to be so afraid or have unfounded fear control or run my life

By Andy Murphy

The New Normal – what is that? It’s confusing. Take masks and why we are told everyone needs to wear one. Dr. Rochelle Walensky – chief of Infectious Disease Division at Massachusetts General states – “mask are acts of altruism; you are not protecting yourself by wearing a mask. Masks prevent the wearer from infecting others.” If you are infected, I for one would appreciate it if you would stay home or if you must go out wear a mask. If you’re not infected then why would you feel the need to wear one? What are we afraid of?  Dr. Jennifer Burgess of the Henry Ford Health System said “a cloth mask will protect others from exposure to your droplets by 60 to 90%.” The World Health Organization states “a mask should not be worn during vigorous physical activity because of risk of reducing your breathing capacity and oxygen levels.”  Dr. Burgess also said “if you are going outside for a walk and the streets aren’t crowded there is no need to wear a mask.” If so, then why do we see people all alone walking their dogs, playing in their yards, jogging and driving and still fully masked. Have we been so conditioned that we are afraid of every situation? Is this what we are willing to accept as the New Normal? Think about this, if you are infected and wearing a mask all the time you are breathing back into your lungs that 60 to 90% droplets your mask is capturing. OSHA says this is not healthy – it will prolong your infection or even make it more severe? Immunity is when your bodies’ systems build up defenses to fight off any unhealthy germs it has been exposed to. Wearing a mask all the time (when you are not infected) lowers your bodies ability to build up or strengthen your immune system, it makes you more susceptible to COVID/flu germs or whatever else is out there. Does this make any sense? Is it normal? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also stated on Dec. 2020, “you should always clean your hands before and after using or touching your mask.” How many people do you see doing this when getting in and out of their car, going in and out of a store or restaurant? Should we all be caring wipes every place we go or changing to a new mask very time we pick it up off the table or take out of our pocket? Can your mask still be germ free? Does this sound like the New Normal you want to live in?

Why is it we are told we need to wear a mask when we are standing in a restaurant but it is OK to take if off when we are sitting and socializing. Is the air at different heights less infected or maybe not infected at all? Former Gov. Steve Bullock’s mandate states “high back booths constitutes six feet safe distance” then why are some restaurants closing every other booth?

 Why is it you can do this in a restaurant and not wear a mask but when you go to church and you’re six feet from others you still feel the need to wear a mask? Are we less safe in the House of God? Is this the New Normal? Have we become so afraid or are we just very confused? I for one refused to be so afraid or have unfounded fear control or run my life. This is not my New Normal. If you let fear run your life then there is little hope and you can and will be completely controlled by what you are told is the New Normal. Next time you might think about doing some of your own research before you reach to put on your mask.

Andy Murphy

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