Adults Should Demonstrate Respect Even When Opinions Differ

This pandemic has forced the change in our schooling for the past year

By Kathryn N. Eads

I am writing to address the behaviors shown at the Kalispell Public Schools Board meeting held on Feb. 24. I am currently a junior at Flathead High School. I have made the decision to attend school remotely because of the pandemic. I understand that the issue with mask mandates continues to divide our community. However, opinions about whether or not students should wear masks should be respected. Micah Drew’s article “Kalispell School Board Votes to Keep Mask Mandate” referenced several times students shared their fears of attending school during a pandemic without the safety of a mask mandate. It was also mentioned that they were ridiculed and laughed at because of the opinions they were expressing. The article further states that 92% of teachers who filled out the survey were in favor of keeping the mask mandate. This pandemic has forced the change in our schooling for the past year. I am sure that everyone would like to see an end to the consequences of a continuing pandemic. While this topic raises high emotions in many people, I am pleading with the adults in our community to demonstrate respect and maturity even when opinions are different. There should not be a situation where students who are vulnerable in sharing their fears of attending school without a mask mandate in place are also then forced to fear the ridicule and taunting that comes from speaking out.

Kathryn N. Eads

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