Suppressing the Vote

Claims of voter fraud have been proven false time and time again

By Kathleen Farmer

The Montana secretary of state says, “Montana sets the standard for elections across the country.” And evidence continues to show that our election system is secure. Claims of voter fraud have been proven false time and time again.

Yet the governor has signed into law four bills that will make voting in Montana more difficult. These bills include eliminating same-day voter registration, which has been in place since 2005. For college students, a second form of identification is required in addition to a photo identification, but a Montana concealed weapon permit qualifies without additional information. Polling place hours may be adjusted in certain districts that may limit the ability of some to vote. Voter lists will be revisited annually rather than every other year, which has been the norm.

Growing up in Polson and attending Polson Public Schools, I learned how important it was to vote and I recall accompanying my mother when she voted. So why then are our Lake County legislators – Sen. Greg Hertz, Sen. Dan Salomon, Rep. Linda Reksten, and Rep. Joe Read – who are educators and business leaders, ignoring our education systems and supporting legislation that suppresses voting?

Kathleen Farmer

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