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Welcome Home Whitefish

Andy Feury is the smart choice on a ballot full of much uncertainty

By Mike Jopek

We sat eating strawberry shortcake on the wooden benches nestled in the shade of the chokecherries and watched the shadow of a butterfly flicker upon the dark branches of the small tree. The heatwave had taken a toll on the morning harvest at the farm and we needed shade. 

We planted the suckering shrubs a couple decades ago, creating a wind break. Back then it didn’t seem as hot. Now the chokecherries offer shade to humans and birds alike. 

We live in the Flathead sharing the similar values of community. Our teachers and nurses are among the finest in the nation. Our public lands, defined locally by mountains, clean water and fresh air, are pure magic. 

The newcomers and old-timers in town want that to be a part of community, spending time with friends and eating good food. We choose to live here because it’s a great place, with a strong sense of community. Locals, and those who recently arrived want the same opportunities to raise and grow our families, kids and businesses. 

Over the decades Whitefish has done a good job managing one of the consistently fastest-growing places in Montana. The towns in our valley are again undergoing exponential changes as Americans from throughout nation migrate to more rural and freer lifestyles. 

Such fast change tugs at community. I was pleased to see Whitefish Councilor Andy Feury running for reelection. Andy listens to voters and has a long history of helping steer our small resort town, famous nationally as a friendly place with good public infrastructure.

Our schools are rated among the best in the nation and our outdoor public recreation is second to none. Many of us see the need to plan for our future before it outpaces our infrastructure capacity, which seems driven by all those airplanes and cars streaming into town. 

Recently as Whitefish agreed to move its urban growth boundary south past Highway 40, Andy Feury reportedly said, “As someone who wants to look out for the future of this community, we need to extend this boundary. It’s time for me to pull my head out of the sand and support this.”

Feury has remained approachable in town and offers a steady hand to any Whitefish voter seeking trust in community and local government. That Feury changed his mind on the extension of services limit illustrates what’s on the mind of many locals who see growth barreling forward and hold clean water, safe roads, and open trails keys to the little resort town’s success. 

We’re still that railroad town where past generations settled and today’s new wave of migrating suburbanites are just as eager to stake a claim and call this community home.

Feury has proven his steady hand over many years of public service. He’s kind and community-minded. He’s very good at local government. Feury deserves your support in the upcoming months. Thanks to leaders like Andy Feury, locals in Whitefish enjoy good public infrastructure, open lands, clean air and water, world-class public trails, and topnotch schools.

Yes, there remains much work as new challenges face our town. We confront major issues like housing affordability due to the unprecedented national migration of suburban Americans. 

Our opportunity to succeed remains woven into the fabric of this community, a place we live and work. It’ll take all of us to find the best way forward helping assure our little town remains the kind of place we value as home.

In Whitefish, for old-timers and newcomers, go with Feury on your upcoming election ballot. Andy has been immersed in our town for a long time. He’s earned our confidence through community. I’ve trusted Feury for decades and know you have likewise. Andy Feury is the smart choice on a ballot full of much uncertainty. 

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