Why Kalispell’s Water Bills are Increasing

The developers got a huge break, and we all have to pay for it

By Robert Sapp

Are your water bills higher? Last year our city councilors voted to double our water bills over seven years. Their purpose was to help with the building of low-income houses by giving rich developers a break in their expenses. The council cut their impact fees by 50% to help lower the cost of building. We all know what has happened to the prices of homes to a point that even middle-income families can’t even afford a home. The developers got a huge break, and we all have to pay for it. The increase in water bills affects all of us, especially low-income families who are having a hard time making ends meet. Sid Daoud and Tim Kluesner were the only council members to vote against this change. Ask your council members to rescind this program. I went to Havre over the Fourth and water bills are so high there, they stopped watering their lawns. Their yards are all dead, nothing green. Is this what we want Kalispell to look like in the future?

Robert Sapp

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