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Clean drinking and refreshing seltzers with a dose of probiotic

By Raymond Dickinson
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Summer is upon us in Montana. With that comes outdoor recreation, fun in the sun and adventure. The past two years I have been in love with the variety of IPAs that the craft beer producers have been coming out with. They are delicious! Hazy, Imperial, Milkshake, and fruited beers galore. I found myself stuck in a rut and looking for change this spring. Life changes, seasonal changes and excitement for warmer weather opened up some new avenues for me. Being a small business owner, I try hard to support locally owned and operated businesses in Montana as much as possible. Zesty entered my life, and it was … well … life changing. 

Dean’s Zesty Beverage is based out of Bozeman. It produces a fantastic line of kombucha-based beverages. Kombucha is great source for probiotics. Its line of non-alcohol based kombucha seltzers were my first introduction to Zesty. Clean drinking and refreshing seltzers with a dose of probiotic, yum! Its hard kombucha seltzer line was the one that really resonated with me. The drinks are delicious and good for you! I could continue to wax poetically about the company, but instead I will just quote them from their own website below.

“Our curious conundrum with the Standard American Diet is how so many of us on average are increasingly overfed and undernourished. We as a society suffer great social costs to our health care system and our environment due to our overconsumption. And, even though we eat so many calories, we tend not to eat enough calories with beneficial properties like key vitamins and minerals, polyphenols, and postbiotics. This is where Zesty steps in! What if the problem is not that we eat too many empty calories?  What if the problem is that we drink too many empty calories? Imagine what would happen if on average we replaced 20% of our beer and soda consumption with alternative beverages featuring fewer calories and more nutrients. And what if choosing your alternative beverage required zero sacrifice because said beverage was artistically crafted from great tasting, real food ingredients? Zesty is on a mission to make that dream a reality for you.”

Check out their website at zestybev.com and stop into Brix to let us get some of these tasty beverages into your hands! Get out and enjoy yourself! Be the change that you need! Cheers!

Raymond Dickinson is the owner of Brix Bottleshop, a certified sommelier and a wine educator with decades of experience in the food and beverage industry. Brix Bottleshop, located at 115 S. Main St. in downtown Kalispell, can be found online at www.brixbottleshop.com.