A Moronic Display of Civil Discourse

I guess I’ll exercise my First Amendment right, too, and say enough is enough of this ignorant nonsense

By Tom Horelick

This has been difficult to write as so much emotion and passion is involved, but there comes a time when I can’t stay silent anymore. Something’s got to give.

The other day there was a pickup pulling off the highway into Rosauers parking lot in Libby with a flag flapping off a pole anchored in the bed that had only two words – The F-word and Biden. I don’t consider myself especially prude or a left-wing liberal, but I was appalled how anyone could possibly be so rude and vulgar, and obviously proud of it.

I thought of people with young children, or riding with their mother, witnessing this moronic display of civil discourse and how embarrassing it would be, to say the least. What compounds my annoyance of this scene is the complacent attitude of quite a few people I’ve talked to – “What it is, is what it is – free speech – he’s only exercising his First Amendment right,” etc. I guess I’ll exercise my First Amendment right, too, and say enough is enough of this ignorant nonsense and it’s time this immature moron learned some manners and respect.

I’m sure I’m not alone finding obscenities offensive. It doesn’t speak well for the community to have banners along the business district with “Trump – No More Bullsh*t” (there’s a nonsensical contradiction if there ever was one) and people roaring around town with confederate flags (hint – it’s over and the South lost), and “modified” American flags that have been desecrated for more political mileage. Lately I’ve seen “Trump Won in 2020” banners. Huh? Did I miss something?

I don’t want to get syrupy or preachy, but I’m quite proud of our flag and country and am not ashamed to say I still get a pang of heart felt sentiment when I see a flag flying as it should be, in all it’s red, white, and blue glory and all it stands for. Which leads me to the most egregious and offensive display I’ve seen, of flying our flag upside down, which is a last ditch signal of distress for America. For you folks, I’d like to say, get the hell out of here and let me know when you find someplace better (be sure to send a postcard).

Tom Horelick

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