Not the Way to Treat Our Beautiful State

Montana is full of beauty. Are you adding to it or destroying it?

By Eileen Wheeler

Pay attention now or say goodbye to the beauty we have come to know and love. For the second time this summer, a pick-up truck is in our beloved clear waters.  First it was at Somers’ boat launch. On Aug. 24,a pickup is in the river at the Old (New) Steel Bridge. 

I have just called the Montana State Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department. The sign posted at the boat launch states, “MOTOR VEHICLES PROHIBITED BELOW HIGH-WATER MARK EXCEPT FOR BOAT LAUNCHING. USE DESIGNATED RAMPS AND PARKING ONLY.”

Too many people think they do not have to follow these rules and park their large trucks and vehicles on the riverbed. This is not OK. The sign is to protect the river, fish, and ecosystem that makes Montana unique, clean, and desirable. Pay attention!

Also, vicious, and aggressive dogs do not belong on the trails.  While returning from a beautiful and serene walk observing fish and clear blue skies, my friend was confronted by three unleashed large aggressive dogs. Amidst the yelling, I pulled out my bear spray. Next time I just may use it. I am done being silent about the inconsideration, stupidity, and disrespect for the land and other people.

Pick up your garbage. Tree stumps and trails are not ashtrays.

If this is how you are going to treat our beautiful state, go back to where you came from. Your ways are not wanted here.

Montana is full of beauty. Are you adding to it or destroying it?

Eileen Wheeler

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