Rosendale Reveals His Anti-science and Anti-democratic Views

Anyone in his position of power should focus on protecting the lives of constituents during this pandemic

By Betty Kuffel

In Rep. Matt Rosendale’s recent email, he proclaimed accomplishments. Instead, he revealed his anti-science, anti-democratic views.

  Anyone in his position of power should focus on protecting the lives of constituents during this pandemic, enhancing the economy, getting people back to work, and children safely in school. He is doing the opposite.

  His anti-mandatory vaccination and anti-masking positions make him responsible for spreading deadly disease and filling our hospitals with critically ill and dying people. Does he realize virtually all of the people seriously ill with COVID-19 are unvaccinated Republicans?

Vaccine mandates save lives and will keep our military functional, yet Rosendale co-sponsored bill H.R. 3860, which would prevent a mandate for military COVID-19 immunization. Aren’t military personnel supposed to be fit and ready for duty? How can soldiers perform their duties when infected, ill, quarantined or hooked to a ventilator?

  On his Facebook page Rep. Rosendale states, he “strongly opposes the resettlement of Afghan nationals in Montana.” They saved the lives of our soldiers, yet he says they should be settled in other countries that share their values and culture. His views fan the flames of a large racist core of Montanans fomenting an unfriendly environment for these traumatized people we need to support as they supported the U.S.

  On a right-wing talk show, Rep. Rosendale discussed his call for President Biden’s resignation over the Afghan withdrawal and then proudly tweeted about it. He voted no to the Juneteenth federal holiday, no to granting Congressional Gold Medals to Capitol and D.C. Police, no to investigate the violent insurrection to overthrow the presidential election, no to the H.R. 4 John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, no to equal access to contraception for veterans and no to the Recovery Act.

He serves to be voted out.

Betty Kuffel

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