Support Jessica Dahlman for City Council

Jessica has been a huge driving force behind the union movement of our hospital

By Rene Johnson

My Name is Rene Johnson, charge nurse of Logan Health, for the last 11 years. I am also a friend of Jessica Dahlman, RN who is running for city council member ward No. 3. I have had the honor of being a fellow nurse, friend and equivalent to Jessica since 2017. I am humbled to be able to write this letter in support of Jessica as she ventures into bringing new visions and hope to our beautiful city of Kalispell. Jessica has always presented herself whether at work or professionally with an honest, open, straight forward, compassionate, caring frame of mind. We have worked together in many nursing situations that she has shown level headedness and prepared experience. She puts her heart and soul into her job as nurse being flexible and professional. Jessica is admired by her fellow nurses for her consistency and “right thing at all times” attitude. These are quotes from her co-workers: “Greets each and every person that she comes into contact with eye contact and a smile.” “I respect her immensely; most consistent, hardworking nurse we have; works to mesh the department so it will work together smoothly.”

Jessica has been a huge driving force behind the union movement of our hospital. I admire her following words and ideas with action. She has spent time in her community going door to door reaching out to as many neighbors as she can. Jessica hopes to “not sit still in this position” and has a vision to bring people together. I believe that her personal values and political values are in sync with how she presents herself. Please take this opportunity to get to know Jessica and vote Jessica Dahlman for city council member ward No. 3.

Rene Johnson
Columbia Falls

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