Show You Are from the Great State of Montana

Be a man of courage and represent the majority of Montanans!

By Charles Wardle

Montana Sen. Jon Tester,

Your colleague, Sen. Joe Manchin, a true American hero, announced in an interview this morning that it is obvious America is a center-right country. The last election showed that even heavily Democratic states like Virginia and New Jersey are center-right. Montana, however, is a right-right state. Admittedly, there is a small percentage of us who are left-center. However, the Democratic agenda that you wholeheartedly support is left-left-left ideology, to the destruction of our country! It is time for you to own up to the people who elected you and support Montana values. Be a man of courage and represent the majority of Montanans! Learn from an ever-growing number of Democrats who are seeing the light and turning their backs on the destruction of this country, and Montana. Close the border, open our energy independence, vote against the reconciliation bill, call out President Joe Biden on Afghanistan, and show you are from the Great State of Montana.

Charles Wardle

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