A Message to the Newcomers of Our Beautiful State

We are a Republican state and value Montana, America, and its people

By Chris Zarcone

Welcome neighbor! We understand why you are here, same reason we are. It’s called the Treasure State for a good reason. The Last Best Place! Here we have vast tracks of unspoiled land, abundant wildlife and the cleanest air and water around! We have one of the lowest populations compared to the size of our state, somewhere around nine people per square mile and our total population for the entire state is just over 1 million!

I have lived in several other states before settling here in 2000 and I can tell you, firsthand, that these are the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met! They will do all they can to help out anyone in need. Currently, there are people looking for a place like this where it is clean, safe, and secure. But herein also lies a problem: And this is what I want the newcomers to know…

I see Montana as a crystal-clear lake, so clear in fact, that you can see the bottom a hundred feet down! Each time someone moves here they dirty up the water just a tad. Some more than others, depending on how much baggage they bring along with them. Things like bad attitudes, disrespect for the land and wildlife, leaving trash behind while hiking or voting for the same party that destroyed the state you moved from. We are a Republican state and value Montana, America, and its people. We don’t much like change, so come and enjoy our wonderful area but don’t muddy up our crystal-clear lake, leave your baggage behind. You will be glad you did! Welcome!

Chris Zarcone

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