Represent Montana Voters and Support Energy Independence

This is the time for you to turn back from your left-wing politics

By Charles Wardle

Greetings, Senator Tester. This message will be copied to editors of most of Montana’s news outlets. I wish to congratulate you on being a backer of record on the bipartisan bill to stop importing Russian oil that is financing Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

This is a very safe political move for you. In fact, we have been fortifying Russia’s war chest ever since President Biden ended our energy independence “on day one.” This misguided left-wing move has crippled our nation’s international strength and initiated the crippling bidenflation of our economy at home and abroad. Now you must represent Montana voters and back Senator Hawley’s (and other senators’) bill to reverse the left wing’s drive to cripple our country. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE NOW! Then we can help Europe to shrug off dependence upon Russia’s inferior oil and gas.

This is the time for you to turn back from your left-wing politics and REPRESENT MONTANA! You have done good things for Montana in the past until you left us for your left-wing ambitions!

Charles Wardle

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