Time Traveling to the Flathead Lake Resort

The resort in Woods Bay offers guests 12 cabins and five vintage Airstream trailers, reflecting a mid-century theme

By Maggie Dresser
Josh Schukman, Brittain Kovac, Max, Charley the dog, Jenny Evans and Chris Evans of Flathead Lake Resort in Woods Bay on April 1, 2022. Hunter D’Antuono | Flathead Beacon

When Brittain Kovac and Josh Schukman bought their first 1988 Airstream trailer in 2016 to live in while they worked traveling jobs, they fell in love with the vintage living space and the era it was designed in.

Over the years, they acquired five Airstreams from Kansas City, Arizona and the Yaak, moving each of them to Woods Bay in recent years where they now partner with Jenny and Chris Evans at Flathead Lake Resort to add more guest accommodations to complement the existing cabins on the property.

With their largest Airstream stretching to 32 feet, guests can book a vacation in the luxury Airstreams decked out in vintage decorations while still providing fast WiFi.

“We are definitely trying to bring back the mid-century vibes and have modern amenities for traveling guests,” Kovac said. “We’re trying to give a nod to the era this property was built in.”

An Airstream trailer at Flathead Lake Resort in Woods Bay on April 1, 2022. Hunter D’Antuono | Flathead Beacon

Built in 1948, the Flathead Lake Resort property started as the M&M Cabins, standing for Martin and Mary, and has stayed a family-owned and operated property for the past seven decades.

“It’s obviously grown throughout the years, but most of the cabins have been here since the late 1950s,” Jenny Evans said.

The 12 cabins at the resort range from 300-square-foot studios to a 1,600-square-foot bungalow, which have been completely renovated to amplify the vintage theme.

Kovac, who is responsible for most of the design, collects vintage items like bed frames and dressers, and she recently repurposed a Martha Washington sewing cabinet into a vanity sink for one of the cabins. Each Airstream trailer has its own identity, with names like Lucy and Watson, with fresh paint and wallpaper and covered furniture.

“This place has so many memories and just being able to walk back into that time period for a lot of people is just an amazing experience,” Schukman said.

New this year, owners transformed the office into a clubhouse and added fast WiFi, designed for travelers working remotely on the road while also providing a communal space for playing games and socializing.

A private beach accessible from Flathead Lake Resort on Woods Bay on April 1, 2022. Hunter D’Antuono | Flathead Beacon

“We lived on the road for four years and we learned how important it is for travelers to have access to WiFi or a place to work, so we created a clubhouse,” Kovac said.

Kovac and Schukman coordinate bonfires located at the private neighborhood beach 1,000 yards from the resort, and they hope to organize more events this summer. Guests can also rent kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for $25 per day.

“We want to create those community connections,” Kovac said. “We’re trying to bring the community while still providing private accommodations.”

While the Evans also own Max’s Market in Bigfork, the two businesses complement each other and they give guests discounts at the market, provide coffee from Black Coffee Roasting Company and send invitations to live music hosted at the market.

For more information, visit www.flatheadlakeresort.com.

The interior of an Airstream trailer at Flathead Lake Resort in Woods Bay on April 1, 2022. Hunter D’Antuono | Flathead Beacon

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