Decker Will Protect Our Individual Freedom

Our freedoms suffered immensely during the COVID-19 outbreak

By Amber Golliday

Devon Decker is running for House District 11, and he is the one who will protect our individual freedom and liberty. Not like one of his opponents who voted for lockdowns in the March 19, 2020, Health Board meetings that was made known to the public. 

Our freedoms suffered immensely during the COVID-19 outbreak. Where was our individual health choices then? Devon states he will fight for these individual health choices. 

When our own health choices are taken away the alternative is tyranny and loss of our freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty are something this country stood for. We want it back. Our children need it back. 

Devon will fight for our children as an advocate for pro life, parenting rights, school choices and against indoctrination of Critical Race Theory. 

As a parent and grandparent, our children need us to fight for these rights. Please, please, consider voting for Devon Decker. He will be the one to help us fight to obtain this. 

Amber Golliday

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