Brian Friess for County Commissioner

I can clearly see his ability to see an issue from many different angles at once

By Lisa Wade

I have known Brian Friess for many years and know him to be an exceptionally honest businessperson, and also a very thoughtful person. Every time I have discussed complicated issues with him, I can clearly see his ability to see an issue from many different angles at once. I am concerned about the way that the explosive growth in the Flathead is taking place. While no one could foresee exactly what would happen, we have known for a while now that growth was going to continue.

I think this issue is complex, and while I am a fourth-generation person from here and often wish things could go back to the way they used to be, I know they never will. My family also has business here in the Flathead and we do understand that growth can bring benefits if it is managed well. This is a critical issue to my family and I, and that is one reason I think Brian is the best choice. The issue is too complicated for any knee-jerk reaction, and I know he will really think about the issue from every possible angle. He also knows that you can’t think about something forever, that you actually have to do something.

Brian is from here too, and he has seen other parts of the world where things are much different. He has chosen to stay here, create a business, and raise his family and I know he cares deeply about what happens here. He and his wife Melissa want their children to find opportunities here and even be able to purchase and pay for a house someday which seems out of reach now for young local people. He has a vested interest in the future generation and the ability for them to live and prosper here.

These and many other issues are so important to me, and I will be voting for Brian Friess for county commissioner on June 7.

Lisa Wade

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