Neumann Will Uphold Montana Values 

I have concluded that Constance Neumann is the woman to secure the goodness and long-standing traditions of Montana

By Peg Alford

I arrived in Montana four months ago, having spent 46 years in New Mexico. I chose Montana due to its commonsense policies, vast beauty, patriots, and cooler climate. Before I arrived, I received a glowing realtor recommendation of Constance Neumann, and reached out to her. It wasn’t until months later that I met her, and discovered she was running for a House seat in District 9, where I bought a place. She easily talked about her love for this state, and her strong desire to keep Montana, Montana. After learning about her, I then felt the call to volunteer for her campaign. I found her to be authentic, driven, and bold. She is a conservative Christian, a constitutionalist, and lovely person. She is intelligent and wants to keep this state strong and free. She has a strong knowledge of the constitution and knows history. A wise combination. I don’t see any weakness in her ability to stand strong against the vitriol that will come her way, from those who don’t stand for truth. From those who want to cancel others who don’t agree with them. She knows from where she draws her strength. And she stands strong.

There are many people moving to Montana who don’t have conservative values and would love to see this state change to fit their agenda. As I spent those years in New Mexico, I lived through the gradual deterioration of that enchanting state, due to Democratic policies and their lack of solutions. However, there are states that have found solutions. Montana will be that state.

I see the significant importance of voting in these local elections. We the people must vote in every election and learn the intentions of those we elect. By knowing our candidates, especially in these local elections, getting out to vote in every election, and however else one may want to get involved, will lead this great state of Montana in the right direction. I never want to see Montana go the way of New Mexico. I have concluded that Constance Neumann is the woman to secure the goodness and long-standing traditions of Montana. 

Peg Alford

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