Make America Whole Again

Idealistic? Yes. But our founding fathers based our republic on idealism.

By Nancy Teggeman

Which issues are most important? Extremism, white supremacy, racism? Culture wars, conspiracy theories, disinformation? Gun control, slaughter of children, power of NRA?  Inflation, Ukraine, supply chain? Women’s rights? Education, book bans, CRT? Climate change, extreme weather, the environment? Flag-waving jingoism, the Capitol assault? Gas prices, recession worries? Religious intrusion into government?  

Overwhelming? Yes, but more important than all is the extreme polarization in this country. Fighting each other is tearing the fabric of democracy apart. As Pogo said, “I have met the enemy and he is us.”  

How do we heal the deep divide? I suggest: Place country over party. Vary your news sources. Think critically. Be curious. Reaffirm our nation’s values. Choose dignity and respect. Vote for people with a strong moral compass. Hold politicians accountable. Write civil letters.  Be open-minded. Get to know your neighbors. Listen deeply. Create dialogue, not drama. Welcome “others” in. Remove mean bumper stickers and expletive laden slogans. Travel if you can. Practice love, not hate.

Idealistic? Yes. But our founding fathers based our republic on idealism. My bumper sticker will read: Make America Whole Again.

Nancy Teggeman

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