A History of Distasteful Remarks 

I encourage people in our community to get involved and help protect our Flathead way of life

By Dave August

I want to start off by thanking the constituents of House District 9 for voting in this last election, especially those who voted for me. All the people who I met going from door to door and out at community events strengthened my belief that this is God’s country not because of our beautiful landscape, but because of the people. This is why I was extremely sickened with an article I saw in your paper from Tammi Fisher commenting on my personal character. 

To provide some background, Tammi supported Tony Brockman, who won the election and I congratulated him on his victory. After the election Tammi, wrote an article to your paper that attacked not only my personal character but also the other opponent in the race. Tammi has a history of making these distasteful remarks and creating division with our Flathead community. It’s time someone stands up and calls her out on her crap.

Our community prides itself on how we try to live by Jesus’ example especially when someone in the community is suffering. To have Tammi’s toxicity running through our community is not only a danger to the people around her but to our community as a whole. Running a campaign is extremely hard work and we should be encouraging people to run, not putting them down for running. People like Tammi who don’t have the courage to take any action and just troll behind their words are parasites to our Flathead way of life. If she wants to be a parasite, 1,300 miles southwest is Los Angeles and full of people who act the same way. As everyone knows parasites don’t leave their host; they stay feeding on the host until there is nothing good left.

Thank you for taking the time today. We live in a very special place, and it was an honor to run in House District 9. I encourage people in our community to get involved and help protect our Flathead way of life.

Dave August

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