Glamping Tents

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of town, this family built a "glamping" camp on the edge of Whitefish

By Colton Martini
All images by Gibeon Photography.

Set up camp and stay awhile. That’s the idea behind this luxury “camp” on the edge of town in Whitefish.  

Camping and Montana are synonymous with each other, and what better way to be immersed in the great outdoors than a few nights under the stars. But there’s no need to miss out on the creature comforts of home because camping as we know it has changed, and made way for what is known as “glamping.” The luxury camping or glamping concept is a style of outdoor living, derived from the words glamor and camp, that offers a new approach to living in nature.  

Experiences have become the new currency, with more and more individuals shying away from the typical cookie-cutter style of vacationing. Glamping is about stepping outside of the norm and shying away from the old and tired travel itinerary and ultimately taking a more immersive approach to the day-to-day. Experiential, tent-style, dwellings offer a new perspective while elevating the desired connection to the natural world. This unorthodox concept of travel and vacationing is enriching, leaving long-lasting memories through an immersive experience.

Glamping tents are more permanent while still being temporary. Most tents include all the living spaces needed for a long-term stay. The tents boast bathrooms, kitchens, beds and bedding rivaling those in the finest luxury homes and resorts.  

One glamping camp outside Whitefish was the brainchild of some very adventurous and fun-loving clients. Having busy lives that take them all over the world, there was a push to find some land where they could decompress, reset, and enjoy a slowed down and simpler way of life. With instant access to fishing, hiking, and all the other outdoor activities they love, the property they found offered exactly what they were looking for. With a more traditional vacation home back in town, the question became how to utilize the pristine property as a quick staycation away from the hustle and bustle at the second home but still be comfortable.

Naturally, all sorts of structures were considered, yet the idea of a camp kept coming up. After doing some research, the client settled on a canvas wall tentmaker to erect a structure on a raised platform. Thoughtful details were added inside, including custom bedding from Pendleton Woolen Mills, locally made log beds, and thoughtful antiques and accessories, sourced by the clients and their designers, to pull together that lived-in cozy camp vibe.  

The tents were a huge hit with friends and family and eventually another living tent was added to the land. Though some glamping tents may include electricity, this camp’s purveyors chose to go a little more “rustic.” Originally, they wanted to maintain that feeling and not have any running water, but eventually, they decided that was just a little too rough and built a bathroom tent. In the bathing tent, vintage-inspired brass plumbing was chosen for an authentic feel, with the metal aging beautifully after a season in the elements. A cast-iron clawfoot tub is perfect for an evening soak with a glass of wine or for the early riser who wants to soak and drink coffee before a day of fishing. Antique cabinetry sourced from local Whitefish design shops was carefully retrofitted as the vanity and toiletry storage. A spa-style space gracefully floating in the trees.

With the complications of the world always on the rise, there is a desire to escape with friends and family to focus on the things that matter. Time spent in nature is enjoyment in its purest form. A night under the stars seems to make the weight of the world evaporate.

That doesn’t mean the creature comforts aren’t important and that is why the glamping movement is on the rise. With endless destinations across the world, Montana boasts some of the most epic glamping resorts. Treehouses, yurts, luxury travel trailers and wall tents, the options are endless. Sometimes, the simplest option is the best. Pitch a tent in your backyard, pull in your favorite blankets and pillows and have a staycation. 

Glamp on!

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