Let’s Regain Some Civility

I served my country, to keep our Republic and our way of life

By Dewain Rosenthal

The recent letter written by former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is all that is wrong with this country at present. He placed every single service member who has served this country in the category of a socialist, or at best in the same light as Mr. Zinke. I. for one, know neither of these gentlemen well enough to slander them with political name tags.

 I served for 23 years, did I enlist for the government handouts? Perhaps Mr. Schweitzer would have all the Medal of Honor recipients return their award if they have a different view than his own. Or perhaps Mr. Schweitzer can repair all the broken pieces of my body having served on Destroyers and Frigates for 17.5 of those 23 years of service. I’m no socialist Mr. Schweitzer, but a humble patriot of this Republic.

 A few months ago I also read an article written and published in this paper, detailing the need to regain some sort of civility in our words and actions, Mr. Schweitzer please read that article. I served my country, to keep our Republic and our way of life. Even when this includes the rights for people to slander others.

Dewain Rosenthal
Command Master Chief (Retired)
U.S. Navy, 1983-2006

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