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Market Trends: Flathead Residential Land Sales By City

Examining quantities sold by city and acreage range, Richard Dews reports 2021 as the stand-out year

By Richard Dews

Similar to what we did on June 1, let’s look at the quantity of parcels sold (bars, using left axis range) by city and acreage range (1-5 and 6-10), from Aug. 31 back to Sept. 1 the prior year (for the past four such 12-month periods). 2021 was the stand-out year for quantities.

I sorted the cities by most-to-least expensive (1-5 acre range), in median sold price per acre (lines, same colors, using right axis range) for August 2022 back to September 2021 (gold line). Polson has shown amazing per acre sold price consistency (with slow rise), across the four years in the 1-5 acre range, while the other four cities made big jumps during the most recent 12 months. Polson was a price-performer, while Columbia Falls was highest in per acre median pricing for 6-10 acre parcels.

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