Zinke Lacks Integrity 

Please join me in a vote for Monica Tranel

By Roger Sherman

Ryan Zinke has a history of unrestrained and reckless attitude of being “above the law.” Rules don’t apply to him. 

For one Zinke was forced to resign as Interior Secretary amid scandal as he used his position for personal gain. Mr. Zinke was found guilty of using his position to enrich himself and then lied to investigators to cover his back side. He used thousands of Montanans tax dollars for private charter flights from Las Vegas to Whitefish and came under federal investigation 18, times which he then tried to cover up. This is just one local example of misleading investigators in his controversial past that shuns the law.

Please join me in a vote for Monica Tranel, a woman of high integrity who has raised most of her campaign money from within our state and actually lives full time in our state.

Roger Sherman

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