Another ‘No’ for Rosendale

Matt Rosendale is an immature self-centered man intent on sabotaging our government

By Carol and John Santa

U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale is an embarrassment for Montana. He was one of six fringe Republicans who held the House of Representatives hostage during the election of the Speaker of the House. His behavior reminds us of an obstreperous 2-year-old seeking endless negative attention. His congressional legacy is to vote “no, no, no!” In fact, of the 180 bills passed in the House this last session he voted “no” 160 times. 

He voted against every bill having to do with veterans (Veteran Service Recognition Act), and the National Defense Authorization, and appropriation bills supporting Ukraine in its valiant effort to avoid annihilation and slaughter. He also voted against supporting Finland and Sweden’s application to join NATO. He even voted against giving thanks and recognition to the brave individuals who defended the U.S. Capitol including him on January 6.

He voted against all bills focusing on women: Right to Contraception, Woman’s Health Protection, and didn’t even bother voting for the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act. He voted against anything to do with mental health (Mental Health Matters Act, Mental Health Justice Act) or children’s welfare (Protecting our Kids Act). 

He even voted against the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, so critical to Montanans. He obviously does not want a government that helps care for our roads, bridges, power grid, national security and creates jobs for Montana. Does he really think that a million Montana citizens can take care of the infrastructure required in a state larger than New York, New England, and Pennsylvania combined? 

Matt Rosendale is an immature self-centered man intent on sabotaging our government by creating a spectacle and political gridlock even for his fellow Republicans. Our Founding Fathers knew maintaining a Constitutional Republic requires competent, representative leadership intent on protecting the delicate constitutional balance of power reserved for individuals, and local, state, and national governments. We are a nation that honors the majority, while respecting others, and as modeled by our Founders, we are willing to compromise to preserve the rule of law. We are the United States of America not the United State of Matt Rosendale.

Carol and John Santa

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