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G.O.A.T.:  Greatest of All Time

G.O.A.T. ice cream is lactose-free and loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients

By Flathead Foodies
Photo by Flathead Foodies

Just one lick and you’re hooked to on delicious ice cream that surprisingly is made from goat milk. It has a mild flavor since it’s made from a variety of breeds that are fed a heathy diet of non-GMO alfalfa. G.O.A.T. ice cream has far less lactose than cow’s milk and essential nutrients, including calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin opening up a whole new world for those with special dietary needs.

“My day is made when children discover that our ice cream is a yummy treat they can enjoy,” said Sonya Delmonico, founder and co-owner of Sacred Heart Farms LLC, creator and producer of G.O.A.T. ice cream.

It’s a family affair and a farm-to-table product born out of necessity when Joseph, Sonya’s youngest son, was diagnosed with lactose intolerance at the age of 4. The first goat was purchased and they now have a small dairy operating 10 lactating goats. Sonya began making ice cream with the milk and cream, shared it with friends and family and they encouraged her to take the next step and this family business was created with her husband, John Delmonico. The Market Beautiful launched G.O.A.T. and a unique trailer was created to take orders, make deliveries, and sell their ice cream at events throughout the Flathead Valley.

“We have a very specialized niche as a ‘farmer to consumer’ classification,” said Sonya.

Sacred Heart Farms also sells raw goat milk, offering both whole and low-fat options. Joseph created the logo and loves to feed the baby goats while Anthony, the eldest son, is head milker and runs the “GOAT Mobile.” John is the creamer, shopper and manages the farm. A retired police officer, he also owns and operates the Women’s Firearm Academy, Men’s Training and Survival Academy, and volunteers his expertise to the Babes and Bullets club. In addition to being “Chief Ice Cream Chef and Recipe Developer,” Sonya home schools the boys and is a physical therapist.  What a sweet addition the Delmonico Family is to our community! 

Book your event: Call (406) 291-7943 or email [email protected]

Most Fridays G.O.A.T. is at Community Friday in Evergreen from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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