Working Up Another Outrage

Trying hard to be one of the bigger echoes of the right-wing news machines, Rosendale is burnishing his Freedom Caucus credentials

By Chuck Mollica

Here we go again, Montanan Rep. Matt Rosendale is working up an outrage boil about the leaked disclosure of 14 U.S. military troops ostensibly guarding the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Trying hard to be one of the bigger echoes of the right-wing news machines like Fox News and Newsmax, Rosendale is burnishing his Freedom Caucus credentials by saying he would soon send out a letter requesting more information from the Biden administration, according to an article on thehill.com site.  

But, according to the article, “The Defense Department first confirmed it was weighing plans to send U.S. special forces to Ukraine in May 2022, shortly after the U.S. embassy reopened in the country and, in November, the Pentagon’s press secretary, Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder, said Marines were there to assist the embassy, particularly with security and inspections.”

That this “news” is just now catching up to the likes of Matt Rosendale and apparently then only through the documents that were leaked this month instead of information provided to Congress six months ago, suggests that a) Our man doesn’t really take his job seriously and b) He doesn’t really expect you to notice.  

Even though Rosendale can put on some very fierce looks and conjure up diatribes that really seek attention, his continual gaffs and inattention to his actual job indicate he’s being played by the people around him. And that is very sad.

Fourteen U.S. Marines guarding an embassy in Ukraine is not the beginning of World War 3 – regardless of what Tucker Carlson would have the unwitting believe. And that includes our buffoonish representative from eastern Montana. 

Chuck Mollica

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