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Defending Civility and Foundational Values for Montana Citizens

Attacks by the elitist media to belittle the Legislature are really attacks on the voters

By Matt Regier

Recently, there have been attacks on the 68th Montana Legislature by the liberal media. Claims that the Legislature started a “culture war” or that we “marginalized the most marginalized” really lack an understanding of the times in which we live. 

First and foremost, our Legislature is the branch of government closest to the people. Citizen legislators elected by the people of Montana take their values and campaign promises to Helena every two years, voting as representatives of the people.  Attacks by the elitist media to belittle the Legislature are really attacks on the voters. As for the culture war, it was not started by the Legislature, the GOP or any individual. It was started and inflamed by a faction of the radical Left that is not content with living their own lives, but rather making sure you and your children acquiesce to their version of “affirmation.” This radical Left believes it is not just OK but a “right” for a high school biological male to shower in the locker rooms with your daughter. This is a radical Left that believes it is a “right” for a biological male to share a bed with your daughter on an overnight school sponsored trip. (That is happening here in Montana, without the parents being notified.) This radical Left believes it is “affirming care” to perform permanent surgical removal of healthy body parts on minor children and yet, when these children return with regret and a forever changed body, they are ignored by the community that “affirmed” them. 

As long as I have been a part of the Montana Legislature, this elected body has always been the rational, compassionate voice protecting our youth and Montana families. The 2023 session was no exception. The only difference this session is the radical Left has turned up their insistence that everyone not only accept but condone their lifestyle. I am proud to say your Legislature addressed the above problems and, consequently, bills that curtail these egregious attempts to undermine children and families have now been signed into law. This was accomplished despite the need for the presence of police in riot gear arresting defiant protesters and an increase of law enforcement officers at the Capitol the remainder of the session that was necessitated out of concern for the safety of staff and legislators. 

We are at a crossroads in our state. Politicians will come and go. Liberal journalists editorializing rather than reporting facts will come and go. But this is your state government. Article II of MT Constitution states “all political power is vested in and derived from the people.” Regardless of the condescending and vocal media, there are hundreds of thousands of Montana voters, legislators and a political party that still defend civility and foundational values for Montana citizens. Even though the smoke seems thick, I am confident there are clear skies in our future. 

Rep. Matt Regier, R-Kalispell, is the Speaker of the Montana House.

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