Some Questions for the Speaker of the House

Matt Regier's declarations and methods remind me of the bully that claims to be a victim

By Steven Zwisler

I read Speaker of the House Matt Regier’s guest column with great interest. It generated many questions for me. I wondered, who are the “radical Left” individuals and media? They aren’t my neighbors, the people I hunt and fish with, the people I worked with and for, or the people that are generous enough to volunteer for public service.

Mr. Regier also wrote that he promoted “Montana values” and led a Legislature that was rational and compassionate beginning with his tenure in Helena. What values and, more importantly, what actions and behaviors attend those values? Walt Whitman famously observed, “What you do speaks so loudly that I can’t hear what you say.” The ongoing work of religious belief and political advocacy is to integrate values with behavior. For example, if you don’t want someone’s ideology imposed on you, then don’t impose your ideology on others. Also, start with humility. Mr. Regier’s contention that his Legislature is rational and compassionate is laughable and ignores history.

Mr. Regier’s alarm about trans people generated more questions especially since transformational surgeries aren’t performed on minors in Montana according to testimony before committee hearings. Furthermore, when surgery is performed it is the result of extensive evaluation and assessment by a team of physicians, psychologists, clinical social workers, nurses, and of course the individual themself. Since Mr. Regier is so concerned about parental rights is he also concerned about the rights of the parents of transgender children?

Mr. Regier’s declarations and methods remind me of the bully that claims to be a victim. Bullies demonize those they disagree with and create imaginary enemies. Is that what’s happening here. It’s just another question.

Steven Zwisler