My mother taught me moderation in all things

By Nancy Teggeman

Growing up in a grounded family, I learned a lot about common sense. My mother taught me moderation in all things. One brother taught me that a swinging pendulum always returns to a balanced center. My other brother taught me to love and respect ALL sentient beings and plants. My father taught me about black holes.

Now, much later, I have questions. Who are we as Americans? Will we ever unite? Can curiosity replace hate? Have our core values changed? Do we honor character, civility, and decency? The Statue of Liberty? Does truth trump lies? Does travel open hearts and minds?

Is deliberate ignorance a threat to democracy? Should we ban books? Restrict a poet laureate? Do we have F-READ-OM? Is the statue of David pornographic? Is believing easier than thinking? Is “woke” a compliment? Should we support public schools? Should Black history and science be taught?

Are women’s rights human rights? Should we be free to make our own health care decisions? Do we have the right to a healthful environment? Are we reaching the tipping point of global warming? Is inaction on climate change an option? Should we be safe from gun violence? Do we love our children more than guns? When is enough enough?

Do we still have separation of church and state? Is the Supreme Court supreme? Objective? Can we learn from all religions? From atheists? Agnostics? Is religion influencing politicians?

Is extremism like a metastatic cancer? Is January 6th an example? What about conspiracy theories and disinformation? Is racism systemic? Is a true patriot the loudest guy flying the biggest flag?

Doesn’t “less government” mean less government? Is “Freedom Caucus” a misnomer? Are corporations really people? Is gerrymandering fair? Are moderates becoming extinct? Is cooperation?Statesmanship? Should 8-year-old girls run Congress?

Why is Finland rated the happiest country in the world? High social support? Do U.S. congressmen receive entitlements? More than poor people?

When will common sense return to a balanced center? Will we love and respect Mother Earth? And each other? Should we all be asking questions? 

Nancy Teggeman

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