Guest Column

Third Time is a Charm

People are moving to Montana not just for our quality of life, but also for quality of leadership

By Don “K” Kaltschmidt

All my life, I’ve supported the conservative cause in Montana and protecting our values. I recognized the potential of the Montana Republican Party and the success that could result from Republicans coming together from across the state with a winning message. Our victories in previous election cycles were no coincidence, and that is why I ran for a third term as the Montana Republican Party chairman.  

It was a privilege to serve my first term as chairman heading into the 2020 election cycle. That was a pivotal year and turning point for Montana Republicans. But this year, it is an honor that members of the Montana Republican Party once again chose me to lead our party for an additional two years as we get ready for the state’s most important election—the 2024 election cycle.

The growth of the Montana Republican Party over the past 10 years has not come as much of a surprise to Montanans. Montana has become a sanctuary for freedom and free enterprise. People are moving to Montana not just for our quality of life, but also for quality of leadership. Since I have been chairman, Montanans have elected more Republicans at the local, state and federal levels.

The grand ole party in Montana now maintains control of eight out of nine statewide offices and we achieved a historic supermajority for the 2022 legislative session. Other states have approached Montana for advice after seeing our tremendous success. I simply tell them we made progress because we organized, shared a winning message, and worked together to flip Montana red.

None of our historic success under my leadership would have been possible without our strong grassroots movement, volunteers, exceptional team, and continued momentum among patriots across the state. Together, Republicans will continue to advance our values and defend the Montana way of life because our state is stronger under Republican leadership. 

Our recent convention demonstrated the enthusiasm among Montana Republicans, and that together, we are stronger. I left the convention knowing that Montana Republicans are more united than ever before, and we are ready to continue our success in 2024.   

When I talk on the radio, visit with voters or even chat with friends and family, I hear a recurring theme: Montanans are ready to retire Jon Tester from the U.S. Senate for good. And as chairman of the MTGOP for another term, I will do everything I can to expose Tester of his woke, socialist agenda, hypocrisy, and corruption.

Once again, we have a clear choice in 2024: freedom or socialism. It’s up to Montana Republicans to communicate this message to voters and we are starting now.

The MTGOP is the party of freedom. As Republicans we cannot let our recent success turn into complacency. United as a party, I am going to make sure we take the time to invest, recruit, and build a winning team. The same electoral tactic that got us another Republican congressman and a legislative supermajority in the 2022 election cycle will be applied this time around.

Our party has a lot on the line and if we want to see our conservative agenda advanced here in Montana, we need to protect our majorities and work hard to elect more Republicans down the ballot.  

Under my leadership, Montana Republicans have proved that when we are united in our vision, our plan, and our efforts, a red wave follows.

Republicans have a plan, a goal and a mindset. And it will send Jon Tester packing next November.

So, let’s continue to make history and hold nine out of nine statewide offices in Montana. Together in the Last Best Place with the Last Best Ballot we can keep Montana, Montana. I truly look forward to serving our party in this critical role once again.

Don “K” Kaltschmidt is the chairman of the Montana Republican Party.

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