ImagineIF Was About Possibility

County commissioners have used their culture of fear and paranoia to dumb down library system

By Kim Crowley

ImagineIF was all about possibility, about excellence and about community building. We had an incredibly talented and well-respected staff who demanded only the best for our community. Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for the board to change the name. 

They don’t deserve ImagineIF. It was too smart for them, too community-minded, too light-hearted and fun, too daring and too imaginative. And, it certainly wasn’t obsessed with sex as they seem to be. 

My heart goes out to the current staff at the library and to the community as a whole. For several years they had a world-class library system, something to be proud of. Our current county commissioners have used their culture of fear and paranoia to dumb it down into little more than dilapidated leased spaces with an under appreciated staff and a subpar collection of books. 

To be clear, what the current staff is now doing under the duress of this library board is commendable. They continue to be creative while keeping the community at the forefront of their work.

Kim Crowley, former director
ImagineIF Libraries