Monica Tranel is No Centrist

Ryan Zinke has been on the side of securing our country every single time

By Braxton Mitchell

Monica isn’t a centrist, she’s a cynic.  
John McCaslin’s column in the Beacon paints Democrat candidate Monica Tranel as a centrist candidate. I guess if someone who lets their kids attend BLM protests in downtown Missoula, defends child rapists in court and sues one of Montana’s largest energy producers for a living is considered a centrist, I’d hate to see what is considered left. We speak so highly of our Montana values, Monica has made a profession working against them. 
I would’ve liked to have seen Monica talk about the policies behind her self-acclaimed centrist positions. She won’t and that’s because they aren’t centrist at all. Instead, she flung mud and lies about Congressman Ryan Zinke’s hometown and his family. She can’t make the race about policy because that is where she fails, she has zero good ideas.
Regardless, the hit about Zinke being in lockstep with Donald Trump on the border shouldn’t be considered a flaw, that is something you want. Look at this place. It’s a mess and it is because of Biden and the decision he made to open the border. Montana has this new uneasy feeling with fentanyl finding its way into small communities and killing kids and sheriffs pulling over cars full of trafficked girls. This isn’t how we should operate, and we need someone who recognizes that and fights against it. Look at the voting record, Zinke has been on the side of securing our country every single time. I can only pray that our border looks like it did under Trump and Zinke continues to help us keep it that way.

Rep. Braxton Mitchell
R-Columbia Falls