Jon Tester – Man of Irony

This November, I am going to choose change

By Geof Gratny

Although this election season is quickly souring as more and more personal attacks are launched on both sides of the aisle, I’ve decided to focus on the actions of both candidates. What I’ve discovered is that between Jon Tester and Tim Sheehy, one of them has two faces.

Our current Senator seems to have a split political personality—the one he presents in DC and the one he presents back here in our great state. He talks a great deal about fixing the southern border but has ignored H.R. 2, which passed almost a year ago. More recently, he voted against investigating Secretary Mayorkas, whom no one can deny has failed in his chief responsibility of protecting the American citizens and our border.

Tester even has the gall to say, “The American people are sick of D.C. politicians pulling stunts with our border security.” This coming from the Evel Knievel of political stuntmen. I have personally met both men which makes me feel qualified in the choice I make. This November, I am going to choose change, and I hope you all do as well.

Geof Gratny