The Time is Now to Act on Illegal Immigration

This is crucial for the safety and security of all Montanans

By Matt Regier, Sue Vinton & Rhonda Knudsen

For years we have watched news reports of the porous southern border facilitating the illegal influx of 10 million migrants under the Biden presidency (thehill.com, Jan.2024). To be clear, we support immigration – legal immigration. Knock and come through our country’s front door the right way. If you are here to chase the dream and embrace the love of our country and values, we welcome you. It is the illegal part with which we have trouble. Illegal migration has brought drugs, human trafficking, mules, cartels, terrorists on watch lists, and much more negative fallout. For years, this has been “behind the curtain” of the public in Montana. Just ask our Attorney General Austin Knudsen. He continually and relentlessly has warned us of the surge in fentanyl smuggling, a staggering 20,000% increase in confiscations since 2019; and sex trafficking, cases escalating over 116% since 2021 (dojmt.gov March 2024). These crises have become pervasive in Montana due to the current federal administration’s border policy. We have confirmed illegals flown to Kalispell from New York. When hypocritical sanctuary cities realize Montana won’t send them back, where do you think they will keep sending them? Every town in Montana is at risk if we do not act. We are tired of excuses like “We just need to elect a new president” or “Let’s just wait for the next legislative session.” Yes, we need a federal government that will enforce legal immigration. Yes, we need courts that uphold the law. However, we are the Montana legislative branch responsible for making the law. The time to act is now. The Montana Constitution gives us the task of not only a regular session, but also sessions during the interim as determined by a written request of the members. Montana law enforcement and local leaders tell us they are missing state authority to act. Well, let’s give it to them. Call, email, or text your legislator and ask them to join the call for a session to implement authority at the state level to protect our state. This is crucial for the safety and security of all Montanans. 

Rep. Matt Regier, Speaker of the House
Rep. Sue Vinton, House Majority Leader
Rep. Rhonda Knudsen, Speaker Pro Tem