Vote Millet for House District 2

Tom is the most serious and dedicated candidate to enter the race

By Steve Gunderson

As the representative of House District 1 the last four sessions I am now termed out and it’s time to elect a replacement. The district has changed due to redistricting. The new district loses voters from the Bull River Valley and greater Troy as well as a renumbering of the district. The new District 2 is gaining new voters from the Thompson Chain of Lakes and the Flathead County Marion areas.

Tom Millett immediately called me to ask not only for my blessing, but to ask me to help him fully understand the role of a representative. The “other fella” running for the seat has yet to reach out for critical information about the role or critical information about the multifaceted issues of our new district. 

Tom Millett has much to offer to the House seat. First and foremost, Tom will bring voters in the new portion of the district along to support him as the HD2 representative. Tom has correctly done the necessary work to nurture a relationship with, and has gained the support of, the Flathead County Republican Party Central Committee and county commissioners. This unifying work will strengthen the bonds between Lincoln and Flathead Counties. Tom Millett has made himself available at Republican groups in Eureka, Libby and Flathead County and maintains social media sites. 

Tom Millett is the most serious and dedicated candidate to enter the race and I fully support his run for the new House District 2 seat. Please support the serious candidate that will bridge the gaps in the new HD2, Tom Millett.

Rep. Steve Gunderson