Place Reproductive Rights on the Ballot

If approved, this will strengthen and codify reproductive rights in the State Constitution

By Betty Kuffel

Montana’s 1999 Armstrong ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court clearly protects a woman’s right to privacy and access to abortion before fetal viability. It states, “unrelenting pressure from individuals and organizations promoting their own beliefs” are not permissible and are “morally indefensible.” Yet the Montana Republican trifecta have wasted a lot of time and taxpayer money passing laws attempting to limit women’s reproductive healthcare. 

Three laws invaded privacy, intimidated women with intrusive unwarranted medical procedures and restricted medication abortion by requiring two in-person visits to a provider in a state that spans 500 miles and has few abortion providers. This year, all three laws were deemed unconstitutional and permanently blocked. Others are currently being challenged in the courts.

Because of unrelenting actions by Republican lawmakers in Montana, the Constitutional Initiative Cl-128 proposed ballot measure is being circulated for signatures to give Montana voters the option to place it on the fall ballot. If approved, this will strengthen and codify reproductive rights in the State Constitution.

Across Montana, signature gathering volunteers are facing intrusive agitators who are opponents of the Cl-128 Initiative and are supported financially by the Montana Family Foundation. These individuals are following volunteers, interrupting conversations, and videotaping them even though State law prohibits the physical intimidation of signature gatherers for ballot issues.

Montanans support reproductive rights. Our volunteers will not be deterred by agitators.

To make positive change in Montana, be prepared to vote for candidates who support your views. Meet your candidates at forums, talk to them and check their websites for their views on issues important to you.

Don’t be intimidated at the polls. Check your voter registration now at: vote.gov

Be prepared so your vote is counted.

Betty Kuffel