Vote Marquis Laude for Senate District 5

We need a good leader in this community to represent us

By Mike Raymond

I recently received some campaign mail media regarding a group of Republican candidates, including Matt Regier. I’m somewhat puzzled by the reference to the need to push back the RINOs and cleaning the “swamp” in Helena. Why would he refer to “his” capital domain as the Helena Swamp? Being the Speaker of the House and a Montana legislator, he represents and leads this “Swamp.” He wants to call a special session which will cost the taxpayers over $200,000 to discuss things that have been an issue within this state for years. His agenda references the immigration issue and property taxes. Shouldn’t legislators work on issues showing support for our community throughout their term and not just before an election? Fortunately, we have some good leaders that called him out on his attempt to use this as a campaign tactic and won’t support him. It is my opinion that Mr. Regier is a career politician and has had years to address the above concerns of this community.

I’ve known Marquis Laude for over 20 years. He has volunteered to support the welfare of this community since before I’ve known him. He’s been a volunteer with the Flathead County Search and Rescue, he’s been a volunteer with the Sheriff’s Department and currently serves as a Reserve Deputy. He’s retired from the military and owns one of the largest businesses in the Flathead Valley with almost 140 employees. He cares about this community, and he again is volunteering to represent the citizens of this community. We need a good leader in this community to represent us. Please vote for Marquis Laude for Senate District 5 on June 4.

Mike Raymond
Columbia Falls