A Time-Tested Volunteer for HD 11

Rob Tracy has exhibited great character, work ethic and sound judgment

By Jessica Martinz

As a former trustee for Bigfork School District 38, I had the privilege of working with Rob Tracy, Transportation Director, on a number of issues. Rob was instrumental in working with myself, parents and school staff to reroute several of our school bus routes to make them safer for the loading and unloading of students. Rob worked collectively with Flathead County commissioners, Lake County, Highway Patrol, the Sheriff’s Department and MDT to lower speed limits around the Bigfork and Swan Schools. 

Rob also would volunteer to drive school bus for Creston School District on occasion when needed.

Rob has a heart for our children and their safety, exemplified by working to incorporate seatbelts and testifying to the Legislature in Helena for extended stop arms which led to a law requiring them on all school buses in Montana.
He was consistently under budget with Transportation purchases. Rob saved over $20,000 per year without sacrificing safety or reliability of equipment.  

Rob was always thorough in his presentations and requests to the Board of Trustees for Bus Barn expenditures. In the years that I dealt with him, he exhibited great character, work ethic and sound judgement. He has a great capacity to listen and to mediate in the best interests of all and will make a great Representative for House District 11. Please vote for Rob Tracy.

Jessica Martinz