Tester has My Vote

His record shows he is for Montanans and all that Montana stands for

By JoLynn Yenne

Tester is my senator and Montana’s senator. He is an experienced honest statesman. He knows MONTANA and the people who live here. I trust him. He has an outstanding record working in the U.S. Senate. His experience working in Montana’s Senate is another example of a life dedicated to serve Montana, the state and its people. Leadership comes with years of experience and dedication. He backed two bills that provided bipartisan immigration reform bills but they died after the “Trump world” shamefully spoke against the measures. Senator Tester’s fight to keep the postal service center in Missoula is never ending. Senator Tester’s work for long term health care has been forever, for our Veterans and our senior citizens. The list goes on!

Who is that “other guy” who has been tagged to be Montana’s senator? His journey to Montana surprised many of us just like other migrants. How did he get here and where is he from? He has no prior voting record. Have you heard him talk about knowing Montanans and how he is going to represent us? He is not a Montanan!

Maybe one of these players … Misters Daines, McConnell, Gianforte, and Zinke, can shed some light on this mystery? It appears these “playboys” are claiming authority to select our senator. The welcoming committee for this “other guy” is called “Trump world.” Trump ideas are not Montana ideas. The campaign messages are empty … nothing about Montana and our faithful citizens.

VOTE for JON TESTER. He will always stand up for Montana. His record shows he is for Montanans and all that Montana stands for. He lives and works in Montana. He can work across the aisle. He knows the results of the 2020 presidential election are true. Lies are not part of Senator Tester’s language.

JoLynn Yenne