Hypocrisy in Sheehy’s Stance on Affordable Housing

By criticizing federal policies while benefiting from them, he undermines his credibility and the effectiveness of his proposed solutions

By Garrett Epperson

As the affordable housing crisis continues to grip Flathead County, it’s crucial to scrutinize the positions of those who claim to offer solutions. U.S. Senate candidate Tim Sheehy presents himself as a champion of private sector solutions to the housing crisis, highlighting his efforts in building workforce housing for his employees. However, a closer look reveals a troubling hypocrisy in his stance.

Tim Sheehy’s company, Bridger Aerospace, relies heavily on federal contracts, which accounted for about 96% of its total revenue in 2022 (Daily Inter Lake). Despite this significant reliance on federal support, Sheehy criticizes current federal economic policies for exacerbating the housing affordability issue and calls for new leadership to address these challenges more effectively (Montana Free Press). This contradiction raises questions about the sincerity and consistency of his approach to solving the affordable housing crisis.

Sheehy’s reliance on federal contracts suggests that he understands the importance of federal support in sustaining businesses and economic stability. Yet, he fails to acknowledge that similar federal interventions are vital in addressing larger societal issues, including housing affordability. By criticizing federal policies while benefiting from them, Sheehy undermines his credibility and the effectiveness of his proposed solutions.

Moreover, Sheehy’s business practices have come under scrutiny. A lawsuit filed in Gallatin County District Court alleges that Sheehy and his brother defrauded former employees out of millions by forcing them to accept undervalued buyouts for their shares (Montana Democratic Party). This raises further doubts about his commitment to ethical business practices and genuine support for workers and affordable housing initiatives.

As residents of Flathead County, we deserve leaders who offer consistent and credible solutions to the housing crisis. It is not enough to rely on private sector efforts alone; comprehensive federal and state policies are essential to creating lasting change. Increasing funding for affordable housing, implementing zoning reforms, and fostering public-private partnerships are critical steps that need to be supported by all, including those in the private sector.

Let’s demand honesty and integrity from our leaders. It’s time to hold Tim Sheehy accountable for his contradictory positions and ensure that our community’s needs are met with genuine and effective solutions.

Garrett Epperson